Reilly Jackson: Stay Smiley, Vote for Reilly


Reilly Jackson sitting in front of the mountains.

Amy Hood, Senior Staff Writer

Many students at Erie High may know Reilly Jackson as a swimmer, a tennis player, or a choir student; but you may not know that she is running for Student Body Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Reilly Jackson is a junior this year as well as Student Body Secretary. She has been a part of Student Government for one year, where she has gained diverse experience in being a member at EHS, especially with the trials of dealing with COVID-19 this past year. “While we were going through last year, having to cancel events and kind of rewrite everything StuGo had known to do, I learned a lot about how to move forward in situations that nobody expects,” Jackson explained. 

As we are nearing the end of the pandemic, there are many plans Jackson hopes to enact next year. “I’m just so dedicated to having the best prom in homecoming ever… and then adding on Mr. Tiger and doing powderpuff in the March Madness bracket,” she elaborated. She hopes to make all Erie’s usual events next year even more fun to make up for what we lost this year. 

Jackson also hopes to see attendance at all school events and games increase. She says she wants, “to see the student body show up for each other like we do for football. And beyond that, [I also want] the student body to grow in morale and to help us all dedicate ourselves to becoming better and improving.”

What differentiates Jackson from the other candidates? She believes it is her experience in StuGo as well as many the other clubs at EHS. “I think having somebody who understands everybody’s perspective instead of one specific group sets me apart,” she explained. In being a part of many different friend groups and activities, Jackson has gained a diverse view of the student body at EHS and feels that makes her the best candidate to cater to all students. 

One of Jackson’scampaign team members, Jordyn Detro, a sophomore at EHS, shared her experience helping Jackson run. When describing Jackson, Detro said she is “really fun, very down to earth, and just a really sweet genuine person.”

Detro believes Jackson will accomplish next year. “She wants to get next year the most normal they can … and she just really wants next year to be the best year possible.” Detro hopes she will make next year really fun after all the student body missed out on this past year. 

Reilly Jackson is excited to make next school year the best it can be, and plans to take part in StuGo next year regardless of if she wins, though she will be able to achieve more of what she hopes to accomplish if she is elected. She says that if anyone has any questions regarding her campaign they are welcome to reach out to her on Instagram at @reilly4vp or @reillyvail.