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To Kill a Mockingbird Portrays Courage as Something New

Karis Moore, Staff Writer

May 11, 2019

Growing up our society teaches children that those who are brave are willing to fight, and always put on a brave face. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee portrays courage as knowing that you are going to lose even before you begin, b...

Hindsight 20/20 Review

Christian Haakmeester, Staff Writer and Cool Guy

May 7, 2019

If you love to listen to music as I do, then you’re always on the lookout for some new sounds to jam out to. A big up-and-coming artist who’s tremendous talent in songwriting and performing makes her a standout amongst ne...

A Morbid Curiosity

Jaxon Higgins, Staff Writer

April 8, 2019

            Science is based on the idea that knowledge will never fully be obtained, that there is a perpetual search for truth. This, unfortunately, often becomes the bane of scientists around the globe, in every culture. This search for truth has a tendency to blind researchers to both the practicality, and morality of the means by which they acquire it. When a scientist’s curiosity is peaked, it will, more often than not, outweigh any other factors associated with the subject, no matter how vital.

A Discontent America

Jaxon Higgins, Staff Writer

April 8, 2019

The debate and study of happiness is one of philosophy rather than pragmatic science. Feelings have never been concrete enough to study scientifically and to act as though happiness is any different is delusional. Witnessing the dramatic increase in suicide rates in the past years, an urgency to find a cure for dissatisfaction has surpassed the need to maintain an empirical mindset. Happiness is not a measurable facet of life, it is vastly different for every individual, a liability when attempting to do a controlled study.

Is It Time To Ban-Nanas?

Jaxon Higgins, Staff Writer

April 8, 2019

   The concept of the free press - modern-day journalism - is practically worshipped in American society. Only very recently did skepticism become so heavily endorsed, and even now the word of the media is commonly taken as gospel. The argument of the existence, and much more relevantly, the distinction of truth is vital in the realm of mass media.

How Badly is Social Media Corrupting Our Generation?

Liv Hawkins, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

Social media is a great new way to connect people. You can discover someone who has the same things in common with you even though they live across the world. People can post whatever they want to express themselves. It’s a...

Is Death Equal Punishment?

Isabella Johnston-Martinez, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

  “There is never a good reason to kill a person.” My immediate reaction to this statement was no. People are capable of doing things that cause more harm than them dying. Traumatizing, life running events; People...

Mahomes v Brees MVP

Blake Donaldson, Staff Writer

January 25, 2019

Explosive stats, or efficiency? More touchdowns, or less interceptions? Patrick Mahomes, or Drew Brees? The debate goes on and on. No one has been able to decide whos more deserving of being named MVP. The two have gone toe to t...

Is there enough space?

Sydney Wolff, Staff Writer

December 21, 2018

Have you ever thought about all the sports Erie High School has going on each year? There’s a lot of them at Erie, and the question of where they all should practice is becoming a problem.   Teams around Erie are practicing in hopes to...

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