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Day of Week
Lacrosse 3/12 Tuesday Elizabeth H 4:00 PM
Girls Soccer 3/18 Monday Standley Lake H 6:00 PM
Lacrosse 3/20 Wednesday Golden H 6:00 PM
Baseball 3/23 Saturday Roosevelt H 11:00 AM
Baseball 4/4 Thursday Holy Family H 4:00 PM
Baseball 4/6 Saturday Holy Family A 11:00 AM
Girls Soccer 4/8 Monday Skyline H 6:00 PM
Lacrosse 4/9 Tuesday Ralston Valley H 7:00 PM
Basbeall 4/13 Saturday Mead H 11:00 AM
Girls Soccer 4/17 Wednesday Roosevelt H 6:00 PM
Lacrosse 4/18 Thursday Dawson H 6:00 PM


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