Alexander Pawlowski: Your Voice is Key


Jozlyn Jorgenson, Assistant Editor

March is the time of year when students must make an important decision regarding the future of the Student Government (StuGo), at Erie High School. To make good decisions, one must know about the candidates and what their goals are.

Alexander Pawlowski is a sophomore at Erie High. He is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including but not limited to jazz band, skiing, mountain biking, the worship team at Calvary Bible, and being a student ministry leader. This year, he has decided to run for student body president, a very influential position in student government.

“I want to be able to help influence what students can be able to do… and the changes that they can make in the school.” Pawlowski wants to be the voice of the people, to be the one they can come to and know will push for change.

In fact, his campaign slogan is “Your voice is key.”

One of the first actions he wants to do is to make it so students can take the classes they want, regardless of their grade, as long as they have any required prerequisites.

“Sadly [the] administration would much rather have [students] be able to grasp and get a handle on what they’re able to do… and for them to be able to take a year to understand.” Pawlowski feels that for some students, this idea holds them back, and prevents them from reaching their full potential. Because of this, he feels that allowing students to take classes they want, even if the administration does not think they can handle it quite yet, will be beneficial.

He also wants to make it easier for students to start clubs. “I tried to start a club myself, and it didn’t get very far because you don’t have any staff that pushes you towards it, and there’s not a lot of support there.” Clubs are a way for students to meet new people and get involved in activities that they like. Being able to make clubs would allow students to have more fun at school and express their passions with others.

Pawlowski is an advocate for change, and for students to be active in making change happen “If you’re passionate enough about it then make the change that [you] want to make.” And he believes that he will be able to help students make the changes they want. To be able to do so though, he needs the vote of the people.

More information about Pawlowski and his campaign can be found on Instagram @Alex_Aria_4President.