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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Tetris Parking Lot


As Erie High School continues to struggle with the continuously growing population, the issue that arises along with many others is the parking lot, becoming a hot topic among students, staff, and the administration. With limited parking spaces available, many are finding it increasingly difficult to secure a legal spot, leading to frustration and a surge in “parking tickets”. 


Principal Griffin has outlined several long-term solutions to address Erie High School’s parking issues. “We are actively seeking ways to expand our parking facilities. This may include reconfiguring existing spaces, seeking additional land for parking, and exploring partnerships with nearby businesses for overflow parking options.” 

Griffin emphasized the importance of enforcing parking regulations fairly to ensure safety and order while balancing the impact on students, staff, and the community. “We have collected feedback through surveys and meetings. The feedback is invaluable and is guiding our ongoing efforts to improve the parking situation.”

Recognizing that the current parking capacity does not meet demand, the school is continually working to increase the number of available spaces. Griffin goes on to explain “We are currently reviewing our policies and enforcement procedures and will consider adjustments based on the feedback we’ve received to better meet the needs of our community.” Communication about parking regulations and ticketing procedures is disseminated through multiple channels, including email, school announcements, and signage in the parking lots, to ensure everyone is aware of the rules and their consequences.

History Teacher Casey Eichner accentuates the pressing need for more parking spots at Erie High School, noting that the current shortage forces students to create unofficial spaces, leading to safety hazards, particularly for new drivers. 

Eichner suggests offering incentives, “We still need more spots. I know students love that they can drive to school on their own, but maybe some incentives to get prime parking? Maybe high grade point averages get the best spots.” 

Eichner also expresses concerns about the impact of parking issues “Students have told me they drive around all over looking for spots and sometimes just leave out of frustration… I think it affects attendance and punctuality.”

Despite the challenges, Eichner believes that early arrival could mitigate some of the parking difficulties students face.

Student Sydney Lund voices significant concerns about Erie High School’s parking situation, stating “I have seen many faculty members park in the parking lot, and there is already no room for the students. An added parking lot for just staff and guests would definitely be helpful.” 

Unsafe behaviors have been observed as well. “People park wherever their car can fit, leading to unsafe situations like running into other cars due to limited visibility.” Lund underlines. 

As for the communication aspect of the whole situation at hand Lund recalls, “The only communication I have ever gotten about the parking lot is at the beginning of the year saying they redid the parking lot to add more spaces.”

Lund criticizes the fairness of the parking ticket system, “They give you a ticket on your windshield saying to go talk to a campus supervisor. I don’t know anyone who has actually gone and talked to a campus supervisor.”

She admits “I was late to class already due to circling the parking lot and just parked somewhere random for 90 minutes.” Leading to an unavoidable “ticket” Lund’s experiences underline the urgent need for better communication and effective solutions to the parking problems at Erie High School.

As Erie struggles with these parking challenges, it is clear that both students and staff are deeply affected. With ongoing efforts to expand parking facilities and review policies, the school aims to alleviate these issues and create a more efficient and safe environment for all.

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