Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Cozy Week

High School Spirit Lifted with Cozy Week Ahead of Finals


As the pressure of impending finals begins to mount, our high school has found a heartwarming way to alleviate stress and foster a sense of unity among students. Enter “Cozy Week,” a pre-finals spirit week aimed at boosting morale and creating a relaxed atmosphere throughout the school.

Kicking off the festivities was “Groutfit Day,” where students embraced the cozy aesthetic by donning monochromatic gray outfits from head to toe. The hallways transformed into a sea of various shades of gray, showcasing the creative and united spirit of our student body.

Student Council leader of student activities, Brooklyn Smith, expressed enthusiasm for the unique theme, stating, “Groutfit Day is really fun. It’s fun to see everyone participate, and the positive energy is good going into finals.”

Following the monochrome magic, the school transitioned seamlessly into “Slippers Day.” Students shuffled from class to class in a variety of fuzzy slippers, turning the usually bustling hallways into a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Teachers also joined in on the fun, incorporating slipper-themed activities into their lessons.

Sophomore, Addelyn Edwards, remarked, “I thought it was really fun wearing pajamas and slippers to school and I loved being comfy all day.”

“PJ Day” brought an added layer of comfort to Cozy Week. Students arrived in an array of pajama sets, onesies, and oversized t-shirts, transforming classrooms into cozy sleepover spots. The day was marked by laughter and shared stories, as students bonded over their favorite sleepwear. Even teachers participated in the festivities, contributing to a sense of connection between students and staff.

As the week progressed, the coziness reached its zenith with “Blanket Day.” Students draped themselves in blankets of various colors, patterns, and textures, turning the school into a comforting haven. The library, usually a quiet study space, became a cozy reading nook with students wrapped in blankets as they delved into their books. The warmth and comfort of the blankets provided a welcome respite from the impending finals stress.

Junior, Vanesa Casaola, shared, “Holiday gear was my favorite, because we got to show off our holiday spirit.”

The grand finale of Cozy Week was “Holiday Wear Day,” where students showcased their festive attire and ugly Christmas sweaters. The diverse array of holiday wear added a touch of joy and celebration to the school atmosphere. The hallways echoed with the sound of jingling bells and festive tunes, bringing a sense of holiday cheer to the final days before winter break.

Cozy week is just what Erie needed to push through next week and make it to break.

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