Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Easter Baskets Blooming Like Flowers All Around


Introducing the blooming smell of new bright flowers early this year. Here at Erie High School, for most students, Easter is spent with family. Some have traditions and activities they do on Easter. Easter is always on a Sunday because of the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. While others celebrate Easter as a fun family gathering.

A sophomore at EHS, Lucy Todd, expressed, “To me, Easter is a special holiday with unique traditions that can be different for every family. It is also a holiday to get together as a family and spend time together.” Easter is a fun, bright time to enjoy, whether with close loved ones or not. 


Annastyn Maddox-Hernandez, sophomore at EHS, says, “Easter for me means my religion believing that we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.” 


America’s and EHS’s main population religion is Christian. The religious meaning behind Easter is significant to some. While some families like being together doing little activities, some honor the religious meaning of Easter being Jesus Christ’s resurrection. 


Both sophomores with different perspectives on Easter bring out the variety of meanings and traditions for families here at EHS. Easter isn’t just about traditions and families. Easter marks the start of a new season!


Maddox-Hernandez reveals, “Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I like the pastel colors, and I like that it’s in one of my favorite seasons, which is spring.” When students think about Spring, flowers, eggs, and bright colors come to mind. The favored gift from Easter are Easter baskets. Some families add different spring/Easter-themed items into a basket, which is what most kids/young adults look forward to every Easter. 


Todd enthusiastically conveys, “I do look forward to Easter each year. We have done some of our Easter traditions since I was a very little kid so it is fun to do them again each year. In the morning it is thrilling when we get Easter baskets and sometimes we would do an egg hunt”. 

The excitement of waking up to fun-colored Easter baskets is unmatchable to any other regular day. The fun Easter culture is expressed through activities and traditions that connect with Christian beliefs and make for a fun, family-filled holiday. 

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Sydney Streeter, Student Reporter
Sydney Streeter is a 10th grader at Erie High School. She is graduating a year early so the year of 2025. This is her first year as a writer and publisher for ETN. She is an all-star cheerleader for a club. She loves writing and hopes to peruse a journalism career in the future.

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