Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Tiger Times

Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Tiger Times

May 22, 2024

New Movies in 2023-2024 That Present a Sentimental Feel With Laughs


Are you bored on the weekends or at night during the weekday? Need a fun thing to do with your friends? Four of the newest movies on multiple streaming platforms, including Mean Girls ‘The All-New Movie’ in the movie theaters, Anyone But You also in the movie theater, Players on Netflix, and Family Plan on Apple TV. All these movies have the laugh factor but also, in the end, reveal a great life lesson. 


Mean Girls: The All-New Movie


Mean Girls ‘The All-New Movie’ starred Reneé Rapp as Regina George, Avantika Vandanapu as Karen Shetty, Angourie Rice as Cady Heron, and Christopher Briney as Aaron Samuels. 

This new Mean Girls movie, currently streaming only in theaters, is a remake of the original, released in 2004. The original and the new Mean Girls movie portray three “mean” girls who let in a new girl and make her as mean as them. 


My perspective of the Mean Girls movie is that it sets a standard at the beginning of what it is like to be popular and mean. Still, in the end, “Cady Heron,” which was the new girl who was turned mean, says sorry to everyone she hurt and breaks the prom queen crown she got awarded with the most costs, and gives everyone a little piece because, as she quotes “everyone deserved this crown, you are all beautiful”. 

With different actors acting as the same characters in a recently dated movie, with some of the same scenes, it makes for a funny, loved, old but new film! 


Anyone But You: The Valentine Encore


The most recent Rom-Com, “Anyone But You,” is only streaming in the movie theaters now and stars Sydney Sweeney as Bea and Glen Powell as Ben. 

Well, Anyone But You puts a funny twist on any old love movie. I liked this movie because of the relationship that Bea and Ben go back and forth with. My favorite part of the movie was the end when Ben meets Bea at the place she said she has always wanted to go, after the wedding. I think the producers could have done better to make this movie more interesting by putting a cliffhanger at the end because I think this would be an excellent movie series. 




#6 in movies today on Netflix is another Rom-Com, “Players,” that was released on Valentine’s Day, with Gina Rodriguez as Mack, Damon Wayans Jr. as Adam, Tom Ellis as Nick, Joel Courtney as Little, and Liza Koshy as Ashley. Four friends “Mack, Adam, Nick, and Little,” play this game where they all help each other to find a lover. 

Throughout the movie, there are jokes, games, and, in the end, a love story. The way the movie switches closer to the end intrigued me and kept me wanting to continue to watch. My favorite kind of movie is a love movie, when the audience expects the characters to fall in love, but the characters themselves are blindsided—a hidden love story.  


The Family Plan


It is a family movie with secrets that hurt the family but, in the end, brings them closer together. Apple TV presents a new film, “The Family Plan,” that is funny with a lot of action. It stars Mark Wahlberg as “Dan, the dad,” Michelle Monaghan as Jessica, the mom, Zoe Colletti as Nina, the daughter, and Van Crosby and Kyle, the son and baby brother. 

I liked the timeline and plot of this movie with the family, but it wasn’t my favorite with all of the action that occurred. When the characters would fight, I couldn’t get over the fact that the fighting looked fake, and I dislike movies with “fake fighting.” The family setting and the message of “family always sticks together” I love; I just think the movie producers and directors could have sent the family message without so much action. 

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