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Is it “in” to be Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Olivia Hawkins, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

Everyone knows when and what the standards of Valentine’s Day are. A Hallmark holiday where people buy each other chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and giant teddy bears. There is a constant debate about how depresssing or stupid...

No Act of Kindness is Too Small During the Holiday Season

Liv Hawkins, Staff Writer

December 19, 2018

  The holiday season is a lot of those favorite time of the year. It is also the hardest time of the year for so many people, we just don’t realize it because it’s hidden behind the bright lights, shiny presents, ...

The Most Clever or Cliché Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Madison Hays, Layout Editior

February 15, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a day to express to our loved ones how much we truly care about them. The way we get our feelings across is usually from a date night or through gifts. However, has it crossed your mind that the gift you gave...

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