Is it “in” to be Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Olivia Hawkins , Staff Writer

Everyone knows when and what the standards of Valentine’s Day are. A Hallmark holiday where people buy each other chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and giant teddy bears. There is a constant debate about how depresssing or stupid Valentine’s Day is, versus how amazing and happy some people find it. Some may see it is a big waste of money, because most females expect to receive presents from their significant other. Others may love it because it’s another holiday to celebrate and gives them something to do.


If you’re someone who thinks Valentine’s Day is a waste of money or you think it shouldn’t define two peoples love or…you’re single, here are something that you can focus on instead of all the “happy” couples.


First, self-love, self-love, self-love. Practice thinking about the fact that you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to be happy. If you’re not in a relationship, you shouldn’t have to feel less important or belonging than those who are. Go out and buy yourself chocolates or flowers. You don’t need to spend you’re time with someone you’re only with because society says it’s the way to happiness, because it’s not.


Second, you can spend the day with your friends. Valentine’s Day is also about showing your love to the people important in your life. Have a sleepover with all the positive people in your life. Don’t bring yourself down on a day that it so intense with labels. Lift each other up, it’s so easy for many to feel alone on this holiday. If you have loyal friends, why waste time with relationships. According to Psychology Today “couples are more likely to breakup in the weeks before and after Valentine’s days.”


For those of you who are in relationships, there’s so many things you can do to celebrate your “love” without breaking the bank. You can the other person dinner, go to a movie, or just go to the mall. Any way that both people can have fun is a win for the holiday.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be something to complain about. Make the most out of it. Use it as something to plan for and look forward to rather than dreading it. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be this evil holiday, it all depends on what perspectives you look at it from.