No Act of Kindness is Too Small During the Holiday Season

Liv Hawkins, Staff Writer


The holiday season is a lot of those favorite time of the year. It is also the hardest time of the year for so many people, we just don’t realize it because it’s hidden behind the bright lights, shiny presents, and sweet desserts. While all these things are fun and it’s something exciting to look forward to for the the younger population, Christmas is incredibly stressful to adults.


The holidays aren’t easy for everyone. There are single parents who work two jobs to feed their kids, keep the house warm, and buy something for them for Christmas. Then to see their child’s face when they get a warm coat instead of an iPhone like all the other kids at school. I hear my sister asking my mom for a puppy for Christmas everyday, and everyday my mom says “I’m sorry, but we can’t get a puppy right now.” Which is totally true, it’s just not a possibility, but since she is so young she does not understand why she can’t have one and becomes frustrated with my mom. Which can only build to the stress of the holidays, and I know our family isn’t the only one out there who has experienced something along these lines. We often forget about the luxury of not having to worry about our bank accounts after going on one grocery run. Yet so many people across the country do.


Now, why is it important to make an effort for others during this time?


Living in the Boulder, Colorado area I often see many people who don’t have a place to go home to when it drops to 10 degrees at night.When I was researching places to volunteer in Boulder and towns outside of it, I didn’t find any shelters that could fit more than 30 people who needed a place to sleep at night. Many people will say that the people on Pearl Street without money or a home brought this upon themselves, that they didn’t work hard enough and they wasted their money on drugs. This is obviously not the case for everyone, you would have to be pretty self involved to only think of their misfortune of being what they deserve. There are so many possibilities for why people may live a life like this. How would it make you feel to have people constantly judging you and treating you like a rat on the side of the road when they haven’t even met you yet, when they don’t even know your story. It would make me feel so bad about myself. The perfect life for everyone isn’t living in a giant house with a $200,000 car. Now I’m gonna share something personal. On Thanksgiving day, all of my family came together and we went around saying what we are thankful for, about half of us started crying. Except before that I was just standing their helping my aunt set out all the food and I couldn’t stop crying. This wave of guiltiness came over me.  My mom walked in and asked what was wrong and my whole family came over thinking something happens with a friend or a boy. I told her how I can’t believe how many people and families there are out there who don’t have the supplies to make food, or feed their children, or how there are people who are alone during a holiday. I immediately wanted to cry even more because I was so embarrassed and thought no one felt the same way. The point is, I now understand how powerful family is and we don’t have to be related to treat others like family. If they deserve it then why not help those who didn’t get lucky and score a great job like the five percent of people in America.


Instead of your family buying seven gifts for each child. Why not try giving each other something meaningful and go out and spend quality time together, helping those who don’t have a family? During the most stressful and expensive time of the year, why not save some people from their stress for even ten minutes of their day and save money. Being nice is free, and it’s the greatest gift of all.


You never know someone’s story and you can’t assume you do. So, if it’s possible, this Christmas try to spread some happiness and kindness; it’s free and a gift everyone deserves.