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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Adiós! Beloved Spanish Teacher Retires After Inspiring Generations


After decades of dedicated service, Greta von Bernuth, a revered Spanish teacher at Erie High School, has announced her retirement, marking the end of an era for the school community. Von, known for her unwavering commitment to education and her pivotal role as the sponsor of multiple student clubs, leaves behind a legacy of mentorship and empowerment.


Throughout her tenure, Von served as the guiding force behind several prominent student organizations, including the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), National Honor Society (NHS), Mock Trial, and the Erie Angels. Under her leadership, these clubs thrived, providing students with invaluable opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community engagement.


Particularly notable was Von’s stewardship of the National Honor Society, which under her leadership became a bastion of inclusivity and service within the school. Through her efforts, the club fostered a supportive environment for students, promoting leadership and scholarship throughout the campus.


In addition to her role as a club sponsor, Von was renowned for her dynamic teaching style and infectious passion for the Spanish language and culture. Her classes were not merely lessons in conjugation and grammar but journeys of exploration and discovery, igniting a lifelong love for the Spanish language and culture in her students. Senior Megan Theisen recalled being in Von’s Spanish class her freshman year, “Ms. Von was very patient and understanding when I messed up on things. I always loved her class.”


Beyond the classroom, Von’s impact on the school community was immeasurable. Known for her compassionate demeanor and unwavering support, she served as a mentor and confidante to countless students, offering guidance and encouragement whenever needed. Renita Orellana, a colleague of Vons’ stated: “From what I’ve observed Ms. Von is empathetic with her students and understanding and supportive of them.”


As she embarks on her retirement journey, Von looks forward to spending more time with her family, particularly her grandchildren, whom she adores dearly. Traveling also holds a special place in her heart, and she eagerly anticipates exploring new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Many of her colleagues wished her luck with this new adventure, such as Jenna Thigpen, “I’m sure [Von] has lot’s of fun plans to spend time with her grandkids and traveling.” 


While her departure leaves a void at Erie High School, Von’s legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with students and colleagues alike. Her commitment to education, advocacy, and student empowerment has left an indelible mark on the school community, shaping the lives of countless individuals for years to come. When commenting on Von’s retirement her colleague Kaitlyn Gentert-Wart said, “You will be so missed around here, not only by the students, but by the staff. You’ve been a rock for so many of us.”


As one chapter closes, another begins, and Von’s influence will undoubtedly endure, serving as a guiding light for future generations of students and educators alike.

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams, Live News Director
Lauren Adams is a senior at Erie High School and this is her second year writing for the Erie Tiger Times. Lauren is a hurdler on the Erie track team, founder of Students Demand Action, and secretary for Model United Nations. After High School Lauren has hopes of going to go to college.

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