Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Tiger Times

Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Savor The Moment

A deeper look into Justin Carpenter, and his impact on Erie High School
Justin Carpenter smiling at a football game.

Most school mornings start as students jump out of their cars to run inside, because the sun hasn’t come just high enough to reach the west side of the school yet. Then they pass through the front doors, feeling the warm air touch their skin. However, they may not notice one of the people who holds the doors open, or one of the people who stopped all the parents from running them over on their way in. One person who happens to do that often, is Justin Carpenter, an assistant Principal of Erie High School. 


Carpenter started at Erie during the 2016/2017 school year, taking on the role of Athletic Director, on the side of coaching football. He says, “I lived close by at the time… it felt like the best career move.” He concludes this along with the fact that he knew some friends and family who had their children going to the school, and had heard good things. 


One of his good friends and coworkers at the school, Courtney Stanesa, was on the hiring committee for Carpenter, and says, “You could just tell that he was going to be a very good person to work with.” Who knew that seven years down the line, he would still be working for the high school and making memories to last with those around him. 


In fact, he reflects, “it’s been the best thing ever.” Adding that the only regret that he had was not staying in college longer. Carpenter graduated from University of Northern Colorado, after having been raised in the state as well. 


Though as Carpenter has dug into his work at the high school, his determination and care for those around him go most noticed by those at his side. Nayla, his niece who also is a sophomore at Erie says, “My favorite thing about my uncle is that he is always there for me.” 


However, his intention to care in her life goes much deeper than just his love for her or being there for her. She says, “he’s really caring and he cares about everybody.” 


Stanesa appreciates these qualities as well, she says, “he made sure that I was always appreciated for the things that I did.” For example, she explained that all the work that goes into football games can be really daunting at times, but that he found ways to make it fun for those who did it. 


Stanesa goes deeper to say that, “It’s been really cool to celebrate kids alongside him.” She reflects that his work, and the way that he does it is a constant reminder of why they do their jobs. To lift up the kids who attend, and that has been really important to herself over the years. 


To her and others, Carpenter is an example of what lifting up others is about. To put others before yourself, in a way that makes them feel appreciated and loved. Whether it be a coworker, friend, or family, to them Carpenter makes them feel important. Stanesa explains, “He puts everyone before himself, and that can be every memory that we have ever done.” She adds, “He is a fighter,” but also, “his wife is number one in his life.” According to their stories, Carpenter is a joy to have around at the school for the years past and those to come, as an example to “savor every moment,” as said by Stanesa, and to serve those around before yourself. 

Carpenter and his wife, with their dog.
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