Secretary Candidates

Hannah Goldman, Co Editor-in-Chief

Name: Claire Wallrich

Campaign Social Media Platforms: Instagram- @cw4secretary

What They Do Outside of School: I am involved in choir and volleyball most of the time.

Why They are Running for Office: I want to run to help better my school. I want to be apart of my school and work with other leaders to help make our school better.

Main Points of Campaign: I want to make next year the best it can possibly be. I want to make sure there are lots of extracurriculars going on. I want to make school just a little better for everyone.

What They Want to Achieve in Office: I want to better Erie High School not only for myself but for my classmates. I think student government is very important and I could help with it.

What They are Excited For: I am excited to work with others who have similar interests and want to work hard to help others around us.

Why They are the Best Candidate: I want to make sure everyone is heard and feels they have someone to come to about issues they might have. If I won I would give it my best and work very hard in the position and always be updated on everything.


No Response: Heidi Johnson