Yubu KC: If Yu Want A Fun School Year


Caleb Harner, Staff Writer

Most people know Yubu KC as a junior soccer player here at Erie High, however many may not know that he is also a candidate for the 2021-22 school year Vice President.

KC is a student at Erie High School who plans on doing great things within the Student Government (StuGo) not only for the upcoming senior class but for all grades.

“Some of my plans are to host events for all grades, not just the senior class. Especially something for the freshmen and sophomores next year as the freshmen this year really didn’t really have a high school experience or high school freshman year,” explains KC, “…I want to make sure that they get an understanding of what Erie is really like.”

With COVID-19 shutting down all major school events, KC plans on reintroducing those events back into the community at Erie High.

“I just want to try to continue the tradition we had at the pep rallies and other school events like homecoming. I definitely want to do my best to fill the school with as much spirit as possible with spirit weeks, pep rallies, dances, and other fun traditions,” says KC.

While KC has many plans for next year, his campaign strategies are what he believes will help him take the win.

With such a unique background, KC has seen life from an angel different from the rest of us. “I come from Boulder and a different country as well. I feel like I have so much knowledge about different things and I understand a lot more about certain things people won’t really notice.”

While running for Vice President KC has teamed up with Dario Hinojosa, a Presidential candidate, to create somewhat of a shared campaign.

“I’m running with Dario who’s running for the president spot right now to sort of do a co-campaign and just like spread our campaigns out even further.” Comments KC.

However, with so much work needed to be a Vice President candidate, KC has had loads of help from his campaign team.

“My campaign members are amazing. They have made a lot of designs for my social media, and they also helped us come up with some ideas we can do to get some more voters or to spread it out even further. I truly envy the amazing job that they are doing.”

Yubu KC is excited to see what the next few weeks will bring, and if it is in his favor what will happen within the next year. Regardless of the vote, KC feels blessed that he has this opportunity to run for Vice President. He is open to answering any questions you may have through Instagram, @yubu4.vp.