Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Teacher Highlight: Antonio Sarabia


As students’ chatter begins to fill the well-lit portable in Erie High, and the sun begins to create a blinding glare in the room, Antonio Sarabia begins to welcome students into his Spanish class for the day. 


While many people are not a fan of taking a second language, Sarabia’s class makes the process more enjoyable for everyone in his room. He emphasizes the importance of learning another language, and how students should learn about different cultures, as it may benefit them in the future. 


In the past, Sarabia taught in many other schools in Mexico, at the primary level. Despite this large change in scenery, Sarabia is more than happy with the move. He describes the move as, “fun, but not easy” However, he believes Colorado has countless opportunities for him and his family to grow, so the move was incredibly beneficial. 


One of Sarabia’s biggest inspirations for becoming a teacher was his mom, as he reminisces on the times she brought him with her to teach at school, “my mom used to take me with her to school..” Another motivation for him is to also create a positive influence on students, as he wants to, “generate a positive impact for students, and (so that) they can learn about the spanish speaking cultures..” 


Sarabia is notorious for having a fun Spanish class to be in, as he keeps to his motivations, creating an interactive learning experience that allows for the standard curriculum learning, while also teaching students about the lives of people from a different part of the world. 


One of his student aids, Kait Park, said that the environment Sarabia had created in his class influenced her to be an aid. She also explains how his class makes her become more willing to branch out “Being outgoing, because the kids in the class aren’t really in my grade,” she follows this up, “It gives me the opportunity to get to know other people.” This is one of qualities Sarabia stresses his students to learn, as he wants his students to become good people above all, and excel in all aspects of life. 


Countless students describe Sarabia as a kind teacher, who prioritizes the emotional impact he can bring into their lives, by being a positive mentor for them. One student, Sydney Waldron says because of Sarabia’s previous experience in teaching, he can “explain it easily without making you feel stupid,” in reference to learning spanish language topics that may be difficult for students to understand. She adds how Sarabia’s class will also have a lighthearted ambiance, as the whole room is always filled with smiles and laughter. 


Sarabia is widely known across the school as an amazing teacher who encourages students to be their best. He also is a clear-standout among teachers due to his incredible teaching style and use of previous experiences to benefit students’ learning. 

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Claire Nguyen, Staff Reporter
Claire Nguyen is a sophomore at Erie High School. This is her first year in ETN, and is very excited to begin writing for the news! She is the Deputy General of Model UN, and a player/manager for the tennis team. In the future,  she hopes to continue her education and become a lawyer.

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