Studying in Quarantine

Francie Mueller, Staff Writer

For students at Erie High School, school is still partly online, which means most studying is still done at home. Studying from home means studying alone which is different than at school, so different things must be done to make studying effective, such as finding a quiet place to work.

“My desk in my room,” Claire Huber answered when asked where she studies at home. “I am not bothered by my siblings and I can play my studying playlist without headphones.”

For some students, music provides a way to escape the commotion of their home environment, and bring their full attention to studying.

“For me, music actually really helps,” Huber remarks, “I know it distracts most people but my mind wanders when it is silent and I end up getting distracted, so having some good music that I can absentmindedly sing along to really helps.”

Listening to music while studying is a tip that can help students who get distracted by their thoughts. It can help them stay grounded and focused on their schoolwork.

Writing notes about things you need to study is a great way to prepare for tests.

Another tip for successful studying is to study earlier for tests, rather than scrambling to look over class notes once the night before or the day of.

Maddie Hartel explains that she studies “Usually one and a half to two weeks before the test.”

Studying for a test a week or two in advance gives extra time to make sure students understand the material they are being tested on. It also provides plenty of time to ask for assistance if they are struggling with comprehending the material. 

When students study for tests early, it is essential that they have multiple ways to study so they can study topics from all angles.

“I use flashcards, notes, quizlets, and study guides provided,” says Hartel.

Having different things to study, such as notes, flashcards, and quizlets is a good choice to study for a test from all angles.

Having multiple ways to study will help students be better prepared for tests, and do so in a way that is not as boring as just looking over notes. This is especially important during online school when there are not classroom resources to study with.

As students at Erie High School are navigating online school, studying is typically at the bottom of their to-do list. Although the steps taken to study are different when at home, it is just as important as studying at school.