Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Erie High School: A Tale of Tradition and Change

Erie High School: A Tale of Tradition and Change

Gavin Choksey, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

For decades, Erie High School has been a place of outstanding education, helping shape the lives of the students who have walked its halls. From the first school year at Erie to present day, Erie high...

Back To In-Person Learning

Back To In-Person Learning

Alyssa Chavez, Senior Staff Writer March 19, 2021

Over the past year, students have had to drastically change how they learn. Replacing a classroom with their bedroom, physically being with a teacher turns into zoom meetings, and paper school work turns...

Dario Hinojosa

Dario Hinojosa: Vote for Big-D

Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief March 13, 2021

Erie High School’s current Student Body Vice President, Dario Hinojosa, takes the stage this spring election as a candidate for the upcoming 2021-2022 Student Body President. Hinojosa is a junior...

Facing the Condition of Writer’s Block

Facing the Condition of Writer’s Block

Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief February 18, 2021

The essay is due tomorrow - the one that was procrastinated - the one I have dreaded doing, is due tomorrow. We have all been there: with a bad case of writer's block. What’s writer's block? It is...

Here’s To A New Year

Alyssa Chavez, Senior Staff Writer February 7, 2021

As we welcome the new year with confetti and cheer, we say goodbye to a year filled with constantly wearing masks, and quarantining in our homes for weeks on end. 2020 was a year that will never be forgotten....

School Closures

School Closures

Tillie Mendoza, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

COVID-19 cases are increasing again in schools located in Colorado, bringing the possibility of school closures across the state. Freshman student Emma Allen believes the safest option in terms of the...

Studying in Quarantine

Francie Mueller, Staff Writer October 9, 2020

For students at Erie High School, school is still partly online, which means most studying is still done at home. Studying from home means studying alone which is different than at school, so different...

Students have been using Webex to connect with the peers and teachers during online school.

To Go or Not To Go: Online Edition

Madison Hays and Hannah Goldman September 25, 2020

Yes, It Is Time to Go Back Due to the online learning environment this semester, Erie High School students have not been able to see their peers or teachers. This new schedule that students have endured,...

Pets On Webex: Cute Or Distracting?

Ella Valania September 25, 2020

Erie High School students are not the only ones attending class through Webex, as many of them are joined by their pets. It is not uncommon to see someone's pet during a Webex class. ”I probably see...

Mixed Feelings Fill the Erie Choir As It Says Goodbye To Its Beloved Choir Director

Jozlyn Jorgenson, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

  ERIE - A bittersweet moment has arrived for Erie’s choir. Janay Bird, the choir director, is leaving. However, Mrs. Bird’s is opening a new chapter of her life as St. Vrain’s Fine Arts...

Parking Lot Parents

Nevaeh Stanesa, Copy Editor/Senior Staff Writer December 19, 2019

Erie High School students that drive are very familiar with the massive road block that is in the parking lot every morning, the unwelcomed parents.  The new K-8 school and freshman class comes with...

The New Vice Principal Working at Erie High School

Gavin Hogan, Staff Writer December 4, 2019

Mrs. Peebles is the new Vice Principal at Erie High School working to help improve this school, but where was she before this? When the new school year rolled in, Erie High also welcomed a new assistant...

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