Here’s To A New Year

Alyssa Chavez, Senior Staff Writer

As we welcome the new year with confetti and cheer, we say goodbye to a year filled with constantly wearing masks, and quarantining in our homes for weeks on end. 2020 was a year that will never be forgotten. Thankfully 2021 is here, and hopefully, it will be better than last year. 

A New Year’s resolution is when someone chooses a goal they want to accomplish, or a habit they want to quit. Whatever they decide to do they will focus on their resolution throughout the new year. According to the Western Connecticut Health Network, “Research shows that as many as 50 percent of adults in the United States make New Year’s resolutions, but fewer than 10 percent keep them for more than a few months.”

And because of all the changes made due to COVID-19, a New Years’ resolution allows people to get control of their lives back.

“I think New Year’s resolutions can motivate you to accomplish something that you have not really considered accomplishing before, or that you have already had trouble with. It can also help you reach a goal or stop a habit or make new habits that are good,” says Amber Theune, a senior at Erie High.

Theune explains that her New Year’s resolution is to eat better. Here is how she plans on achieving her resolution.

“I am going to watch what I eat and make better food at home. I feel like I’ve been going out and just ordering things that were really fast for me to get. I have been trying to make lunch and dinner at home a lot more and finding recipes that are easy to make,” Theune explains.

Amber Theune has prepped some ingredients to start making her lunch.
Here is Theune’s meal finished and ready to eat. Looks delicious Theune!

Some of us are guilty of making a New Year’s resolution that can be a little out of reach, but here Theune’s advice

“I think a good New Year’s resolution is something that you don’t have too much trouble accomplishing, but something that you can think about constantly,” Theune states, “This resolution can help change some of the habits that you have and can help you look ahead into the future and make decisions that you would otherwise not consider doing.”

Ellie Gates, also a senior at Erie High, loves to make New Year’s resolutions just like Theune.

“My New Year’s resolution is to do better in school this semester, apply myself, and try my hardest in everything I can do,” says Gates.

Gates has a general plan on how she wants to achieve her New Year’s resolution.

“I am going to try to stop procrastinating, pay closer attention in class, try to turn in my homework on time, and ask questions to understand what’s happening in class,” Gates explains.

Here is Ellie Gates taking some Spanish notes, she’s ready to start out this semester strong!

Though New Year’s resolutions are a yearly tradition from some, others choose to not participate.

“I have never done a New Year’s resolution because half the time people do not really commit to it.” says Stacy Bussinger, a senior at Erie High.

Bussinger shares her thoughts on what a good New Year’s resolution is.

“I think a good New Year’s resolution would be one that helps you become a better person and helps you feel good about yourself,” Bussinger adds.

Even though Bussinger does not have a New Year’s resolution this year, she imagined what her resolution would be if she had one.

“If I were to have a New Year’s resolution it would probably be to go to the gym more. I would set days for when I’m supposed to work out and when I can rest,” Bussinger explains, “I would also set times for how long I do a certain exercise, but most importantly I would not beat myself up over missing a day.”

Whether there is a New Years’ resolution in place, or not there are many different ways to make this year a great year.