Pets On Webex: Cute Or Distracting?

Ella Valania

Erie High School students are not the only ones attending class through Webex, as many of them are joined by their pets.

It is not uncommon to see someone’s pet during a Webex class. ”I probably see people’s pets during class a few times a week.” Says Maggie Lane, a freshman at Erie High School.

Lane, who has a pet of her own, explains what it’s like to do school work with a pet present. 

”Having my cat with me doesn’t really have any effect on my school work.” explains Lane, ”I don’t find her distracting at all, just cute.”

Claire Huber, another student at Erie High School has had her fair share of pet related experiences while in class on Webex.

”One time while I was in class, my cat came up on my desk and sat right in front of my camera.” says Huber, ”It was a wild experience. I found it a bit distracting but luckily it didn’t disrupt my class.” 

Many students have had to find ways to keep their pets from being disruptive while they are participating in a class on Webex. 

”Sometimes my cat hops on my desk and tries to eat my iPad.” explains Huber, ”Whenever this happens, I pick him up and move him in order to make sure I don’t disrupt my class.”

Huber has found a way to incorporate her pet into her day of online school through Webex.

”I have a drawer in my desk with a blanket in it that my cats usually sleep in.” says Huber. ” It’s super cute, and this way I can see my pets without them being a disruption to me or my class.”

As students navigate this new world of online school at Erie High School through Webex, pets can be both cute and distracting to those trying to learn.