Facing the Condition of Writer’s Block


Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief

The essay is due tomorrow – the one that was procrastinated – the one I have dreaded doing, is due tomorrow.

We have all been there: with a bad case of writer’s block. What’s writer’s block? It is a condition- that anyone can get. It occurs when an author (a.k.a. you) loses or the process of writing slows down to a point where the work seems stuck or unable to complete. 

When writer’s block occurs, there are ways to help get those inspirational juices flowing again to complete the essay on time:

Take a shower:

Sometimes the best thoughts can occur in the shower. Taking a shower will allow for relaxation while thinking about the topic. 

Get off the phone:

Putting down the phone to get work done!

Every time you check your phone your mind stops thinking about the topic and shifts gears to think about social media and less important things. When doing this, the thoughts that were slowly developing get pushed back, and when you refocus you do not remember your train of thought. 

Start somewhere else:

Sometimes the hardest thing is to just start writing as it seems very overwhelming. There are a few different ways to approach this issue. 

  • The first is to start with the endpoint. Sometimes knowing where you want to end and backtracking is a good way to ensure your essay stays on topic. 
  • Outlining what each paragraph is about can also help break up different sections and allows the focus to go towards one section then adding translations and flow after. 
  • When there is a lot you want to talk about, start by just writing, whatever comes to your mind is a way to get out all your thoughts. This then makes it easier to go back and fix things having all ideas.
  • Lastly, writing notes out from class or that you have may help develop your opinion or idea

Stop being a perfectionist: 

Sometimes all it takes is knowing that it is going to start as a rough draft. When the page is blank, there needs to be a starting point to develop it into a masterpiece. Understanding that the first try might not come out amazing may help you to just write. It is easier to go back and make minor changes than trying to make it perfect while writing. Writing is an art, sometimes things need to be switched around for the better. Trying to make it perfect on the first try does not allow these changes. 

Talk it out:

Whether it is to yourself in a mirror or to a family member or friend, sometimes talking about the topic and all you know will give ideas on the approach needed to take on your essay. Writing is a form of communication, so using verbal communication may help form the piece.

Before writer’s block happens again, try to not procrastinate on the work. Sometimes, it is best to work on the piece and then leave it when you feel stuck. By keeping it on your mind and coming back to it can help give a direction for your creativity as well as allow for new ideas. Yet, prioritizing the writing piece above other things can help give stress-free writing.