Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Erie High School: A Tale of Tradition and Change


For decades, Erie High School has been a place of outstanding education, helping shape the lives of the students who have walked its halls. From the first school year at Erie to present day, Erie high school holds so many memories.

Founded in its current form in 2005, Erie High School’s roots run much deeper. Long before the new building, students like Deb Langerak and Mike Melick roamed the halls of the original school located in downtown Erie.

Reflecting on his time at Erie High, Melick, a graduate from the class of 1971, reminisces about a simpler time when Erie was a tight-knit community of “everyone knowing everyone else in town.” In those days, Erie was a small town of about 1,000 residents, with only one paved road cutting through the heart of the community. Trains ran through and businesses thrived, creating an atmosphere that was important to Erie.

Langerak, another proud graduate from the class of 1971, recalls her high school days with fondness. As an Erie native, she lived just a block away from the school, allowing her to walk to and from classes each day. “I lived one block south of the school on Main street so I was able to walk to and from school.”

Langerak and Melick witnessed firsthand the evolution of Erie High School. Langerak remembers the days when the high school held grades 7 through 12, with the gymnasium  in the center of the building and a horseshoe drive where buses dropped off students. Melick fondly recalls his involvement in various extracurricular activities, including football, basketball, band, and student council, all of which contributed to the vibrant Erie High culture. “During my time at EHS I played Football & Basketball. I also was a member of  the Band, Spanish Club, Student Council, Sports Editor of the 1971 Tiger Yearbook, and Co-Editor of the Tiger’s Roar with Pat Koss in 1971”

Over the years, Erie High School has undergone significant changes. The original building, once home to both junior high and high school students, now serves as Erie Middle School, expanded and remodeled to accommodate a new generation of students. The town itself has grown and evolved, from a town size of about 1000 to 36,835 with new businesses replacing old ones while still preserving the historic charm that defines Erie.

Despite the passage of time, the spirit of Erie High School remains unchanged. It’s a place where traditions are cherished, memories are made, and lifelong friendships are forged. As Melick stated, “Even though EHS and the town of Erie was small, I never felt like we were missing anything. It was a terrific place to grow up and go to school.”

As Erie High School continues to write its story, its legacy of excellence and community will endure for generations to come.

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Gavin Choksey
Gavin Choksey, Staff Writer
Gavin Choksey is a sophomore at Erie High School . This is his first year as a writer and publisher at Erie Tiger Network. He is a runner in Track and Field. He’s passionate about music and making strong meaningful connections in his community.

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