Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Tiger Times

Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Going from Slopes to the Golf Course


 As the girl’s golf season is coming to an end, the Erie program has to let go of a couple of seniors that have left their mark.


One of those seniors is Logan Hale. A crucial player who has led this program to two state titles and is looking for a third straight one. Shining off, and on the course, she is a role model of an athlete that every coach would love to have in their program. 


The way she has been able to help the girls who are trying to get better and even help the girls maintain their status as top players on the team pays dividends in the end. As she started to ride through the ranks in the junior golf stage, there came a lot of sacrifice and risk to leap into a sport full-time.


“After a few years of casually competing, I decided to quit my other sports, including my main sport, ski racing to pursue golf at a high level,” Hale stated.


Coming from a ski racing family and background it had become a tough decision for Hale to drop some of the most important things in her life in a split second. Being able to have a turnaround like she did from ski racing to golf shows how well she was able to put her head down and work as hard as she could.


For many people being able to watch her from the outside as a spectator to her journey through golf is something most don’t get to see in junior golf. One of those spectators who has been by Logan’s side through most of her journey, is one of her teammates, Hollyn Drennen.


Drennen has been by Logan’s side as her right-hand man through the thick and thin that golf produces. Having each other’s backs throughout their high school careers has built a chemistry to support each other no matter what.


But the main thing is, they can watch in love seeing each other play in any tournament and see them succeed.


“I love being able to support her and always root her on. I am excited to see what she accomplishes in her future because the sky’s the limit for her.” Drennen mentioned. 


Utilizing the people around you to have a support beam and supporting cast allows the performance on the course to excel. Also allowing yourself to grow in helping others become more productive in their sport. Especially if you were Hale, who has pushed herself in the classroom by taking multiple AP classes and maintaining a GPA of 4.0


To get to this point she has had to float around and be flexible with what the schedule might bring her.


“Prioritizing has been a huge key for me. knowing what I have to do that day, that week, etc, and prioritizing my work has been huge for me. Having a good relationship with my teachers and being able to work around my difficult schedule with them has been immensely helpful as well.” Hale mentioned 


This type of style of school will be able to pay for advancements in Logan’s career as she slowly starts to transition into collegiate life and golf. Logan has committed to Denver University to play golf on a full-ride scholarship.


This will take a lot of time and sacrifice to just adjust to the new lifestyle that she’s about to live. Going to a bigger school and not knowing everyone at the start is something that everyone will have to get used to, especially playing a sport. As Logan has demonstrated throughout her career at Erie High School, it is all about the perspective that you bring to that new chapter in your life.


“It’s a scary transition, but I feel very prepared and excited for what my future at DU holds. I have already built a great relationship with my coaches and girls on the team, and I competed with high-level collegiate players for some time now which I think will help me transition.” Logan described.


With this new chapter starting in her life, she has been able to gain a bunch of knowledge from her coaches and parents to share with the younger generation.


Living in and out of these junior golf days has paid huge in the way that she helps kids younger than her and tries to reach the same point that she is at.


“Golf is a sport that is representative of the work you put in and actively pursuing your dreams in golf, and always keeping the pedal down will pay off in the long run. Another important thing that I have learned is to always trust yourself, and trust the work you’ve put in because that’s all you can rely on under pressure.” Logan said.


As a result of all of these chapters and pages Logan has gone through in her career at Erie High School, she has shown academic excellence, athletic excellence, and more importantly, a personality that everyone wants to be around and inspired to be as they pursue their dreams.


In the grand scheme of things, she will have left an instant impact not only on the program but the way that student-athletes should bounce their life on and off the practice field. Will forever be one of the best athletes to come out of Erie High School. 

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