Candidate Profiles – Vice President

Alec Fling


Vice President Candidate

Flinging the school to new heights

-Food Truck Fridays

-Powder Puff

-Class Floats in parades

-Student Selected Spirit Days

-After School Engineering Club



Nate Hackney


Vice President Candidate

Instagram- nate4vp

don’t hate vote nate

-Better Spirit Weeks

-Better Pep Rallies

-New ideas for sporting events


Noah Roper for President, Teagan Brand for SCP, Izzy Hageman for Secretary, Kaleb Fuhrmann for Treasurer



Dillon Huselton


Vice President Candidate

Experience: Huselton has been involved in odyssey and plays cello in the school orchestra. HE says he has nothing to gain from becoming vice president other than making the school a better place.

Campaign Promises: Does not believe in promising anything that he can’t make come true, so he declines to make any promises. He promises to uphold his word.

“Campaign slogan change, real change.”

Gavin Mendoza


Vice President Candidate

Insta- Gavin4vp

I’ll be there 4 you

Gavin is the only VP candidate currently in StuGo. He has also been in student government since middle school. He has the most experience out of all candidates

Campaign Promise

-Trust him to listen and do his job the way he feels will always benefit the school the most


August Ramirez


Vice President Candidate


“Change is coming next august, vote for august”

Experience: Theatre, choir, tennis.

Volunteering, extroverted

Campaign Promises:

Promise equal representation/support. Focus on arts and other activities

Endorsements: Josh Alejo

Quote: “ Chagne”


Augusson Saless


Vice President Candidate


When he’s not running for Erie Track, He’s running for Vice President

His experience includes the Dawson Summer Initiative Program throughout middle and high school. While he has not taken the StuGo class in high school, he is confident that he would make the best choice for Vice President.