The Beeves at the FOX theatre

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

The Erie based alt-rock band The Beeves recently released their new album Adam and Beeve at the FOX theater in boulder.


The Beeves headlined a show at the FOX, with local band openers such as Nate Cook from The Yawpers, Made in House, and Agustus. The show from the start was bathed in a hard rock atmosphere. Moshing was an ever constant theme along with general rowdyness. The show began with Nate Cook sauntering on stage with a glass of bourbon and a guitar in hand. His demeanor immedatly changed when the drums kicked on. His smooth talking rebel vibe quickly faded away and was replaced by a true punk rock attitude.


After Nate finished playing his set, the band Made in House came on stage. The bassist hadn’t even finished tuning his bass before the crowd went wild. Made in House was a non-stop wave of unfiltered punk rock sound that vibrates the rebellious side of your soul. Toward the end of their set the band started to stage dive and crowd surf throughout the mosh pit.


After Made in House defined what the rest of the show was going to be like, the half metal, half hard rock band Agustus rocked their way onto the stage. They began their set with a song that incited an intense mosh pit that carried over from the beginning of the set to the end of the set. Their set ended with  one of the biggest mosh pits the FOX has seen in quite a few years.


When agustus closed the M.C. came out in a large red dress to announce that The Beeves would be out shortly. All of a sudden the entire band bursts out from under the red dress and begin playing the first song off their new album. The Beeves were by far and away the main event of the night. They were so good every opener including the M.C. was in the mosh pit moshing with the fans.  


The Beeves are a glimpse into the future of the alt-rock scene in colorado. Regardless they are a band to keep your eyes peeled for more of their music.