Worshiping through Music

Songs to add to your Christian playlist and are upbeat and uplifting.


Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief

Christian music expresses both personal and communal beliefs of life and faith. These songs generally include themes of praise, worship, penitence, and the love of Christ. As a Christian when building a playlist it can be hard to find upbeat songs to jam out to. Here are some song suggestions to listen to from a fellow Christian.

Song: Let Go Let God
Artist: Jack Cassidy
This song is a reminder that we must learn to surrender and give our heart to God as it explains that we need to let go of our burdens in order to be free.

Song: Nobody (feat. Matthew West)
Artist: Casting Crowns, Matthew West
We need to give all the glory to God. This describes that everyone has a purpose and nobody is too small to spread the word of the Lord.

Song: Church (Take Me Back)
Artist: Cochren & Co.
The song describes the importance and need of the church and the community. With watching church online, rather than in-person because of Covid, this song was easy to relate to and is a current favorite.

Song: You Got This
Artist: Love & The Outcome
When every little thing does not seem to be going the way you had hoped this song is a good listen. It is a fun beat that allows you to give everything to God.

Song: Never Giving Up on You
Artist: Matthew Parker
This song is a reminder that God will always be there for you no matter the sin and that you can always turn to him.

Song: One More Day
Artist: Aaron Cole
We live for God as he is which gives us our life which we need to appreciate and value.

Song: Thank you Lord (feat. Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line)
Artist: Chris Tomlin, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line
This song is a country song that reminds us that we need to Thank God for the small things in life.

Song: Just be Held
Artist: Casting Crowns
This song has a bit slower tempo but still addresses that we need to understand that life can get hard but during those “storms” we need to continue our faith and love for Jesus.

These songs are all on Spotify and all represent the beauty of God and share the love the Lord has for us.