A Middle School Track Meet to Prepare Athletes for Highschool


Middleschool Track Meet

Joe Green, Staff Writer

The middle school track meet at Erie High School was a good introduction for what track and field is like at the highschool level because of the meet’s competitiveness, and the Highschooler volunteers who gave insight into what to expect.


The third middle school track meet was hosted by Soaring Heights. Erie Middle School and Soaring Heights are feeder schools to Erie High School, so middle school athletes usually move onto the High School. Anna Fott, a 7th grader at Erie Middle School who plans to attend Erie High School had big goals heading into that Friday. She ran the 4x100m, 200m, and 100m. “My goal for this track meet was to break a 14 in the 100 meter dash and to have a good experience and get better.” Anna had a time of 13.5 seconds (the best time by 7th grade), only being beaten by one 8th grader. Fott had a personal record of 14.2 in the 100m Dash before the meet.


The entire Erie Highschool track team was given the task to volunteer at the meet. High Schoolers often chose an event and stayed there. For example, throwers measured the shot put, trustworthy athletes got to time, and one athlete even got to call events on the loudspeaker. Anna Fott, says, “I think the [volunteers] did a really good job…they were really nice [because] they talk to you and encourage you.”


The meet was almost a precursor for things to come for Anna Fott. Her time of 13.5 in the 100m dash is good enough for varsity by Erie Track and Field standards. “This was my first meet at a highschool. It was a really great experience and it was a really nice track.” Fott adds, “I am really excited to do track at Erie Highschool…I just think the coaches are going to be great and I’m really excited to run at the track.”