Boys Golf Reflects on Their Season; Looks Forward to Next Year


Ian McGuire, Writer

Erie’s own boys golf team is fresh from a good season with multiple players qualifying for the state tournament. This includes senior Hayden Jackson, and impressive freshman Sean Cary, not to mention various other leaders on the team. Although nobody from Erie went on to win state this year, the hopes for next year are big ones. 

“I think that we can make state as a team, and I think that we can even make a run at winning it,” Cary mentions. This year was a massive confidence boost for the team, coming off of heightened success. That’s not what Brandon Bird, head golf coach, is excited about, “I’ve been really impressed with how much the guys have taken it upon themselves to get better,” Bird adds proudly. With four freshmen on this young team, that’s definitely something to boast about.

Compared to even a few years ago, this team has improved exponentially. “There are talented guys that, if they were here five years ago, they would’ve made the cut, but we’ve just got a higher bar now,” Bird explains. As the size of Erie High increases, so does the talent. Erie is now sitting close to nineteen hundred students. Multiple sports have already moved up to 5A, and the school as a whole is expected to, as well. While this is good for the team, it also means that there will be more challenging opponents. 

Looking forward, there seems to be a lot of confidence sweltering within the golf program. “We’re definitely on the upward trajectory,” Bird says confidently. The team isn’t losing sight of the challenges ahead, and they’re continuously staying prepared. 

One player, Hayden Jackson, reflected on his work ethic and what needs to change to have a successful season in 2023. “In the future we just need meaningful practice and need to improve our mental game, I think that if we can do that we can definitely make state next year,” Hayden comments. Bird is the perfect candidate to take this team to state, as many players have communicated. “He’s a great coach, he doesn’t always lay down the hammer, but that’s what coach Tom is for,” Jackson laughs. “We’re able to mess around with each other, but still get work done,” Cary adds. Bird has experience coaching golf, this being his 6th season coaching at EHS. He is also the girls golf coach here at Erie, coming off of an incredible state champion season with the girls team. Bird won the title of “Coach of the Year” among Erie High athletics this year.

All things considered, the Erie golf team is set up for an amazing 2023 campaign. Given the major incline in play recently, and the players’ willingness to work, it appears that success is in the future for this team. And, with multiple varsity players returning, including four freshmen, the boys team looks to improve not only next year, but for years to come.