Sick at Home Remedies!

Isabella Johnston-Martinez, Staff Writer

The season for sickness and finals is among us. Going through the holidays is never fun if you are sick, and with the stomach bug going around right now, I would not be surprised if you have trouble staying ahead and staying healthy! It is time for remedies!


If you feel like coughing up a lung, try some warm green tea with honey! Is your nose is more stuffed than an overzealous kid’s Build-A-Bear? Use a salt water nose rinse to unclog! This is not all I have for you; get ready for some of the best tips and tricks below!


  • Start to alleviate your cold immediately: Stay home and rest! It is very important to not go outside in 30 degree weather when you are starting to get sick, unless you are trying to get out of finals.


“If you feel a cold coming on, make sure to get some vitamin c, orange juice, any citrus is always good, and again sleep and rest.” – Jerry Christman, Health Clerk


  • Warm liquids that soothe sore throats: Try some chicken/vegetable broth when you are craving something savory, tea if you desire something sweet (if you do not like tea try some warm apple juice!). Add honey to your hot beverages to help quiet and prevent throat pain. Drinking these warm liquids may also increase mucus flow.
  • Simply rest: Do as little as possible when you are sick; the best way to quickly overcome a cold is to sleep through it.


“Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water… stay home, and make sure you try to eat. Rest and get lots of sleep.” – Jerry Christman, Health Clerk


  • Diminish as much pain as possible: You should always be cautious when taking over-the-counter pain relief medication, but as long as you know the dosage you need, use it!
  • Dealing with a clogged nose: While battling congestion, look at products for nasal relief, like a sinus rinse or nasal spray.
  • Avoid smoking/second hand smoke: This can irritate your lungs, throat and nose, and smoking first hand also can spread bacteria at a faster rate.
  • Bad cough: Take cough drops and (as painful as it is) gargle warm salt water to help clear mucus and numb your throat.
  • Things to eat when you can not stop vomiting: Ice chips/crushed ice give you something to chew on, as well as soothe throat pain and keep you hydrated. Toast is also something easy to keep down and is filling. And of course, soup, the classic sick food, is warm and comforting.
  • Avoid future sickness: Wash your hands, do not be gross. Put on hand sanitizer after you get out of school, and make sure to sleep, eat and drink well.
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  • Avoid other getting sick: Wash your hands, and stay home/take antibiotics. Cancel plans and unwind!

“Any time you have a fever that is above maybe 101 or 102, it is good to get into the doctor.” – Jerry Christman, Health Clerk


Happy holidays!