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Mya Michaelson is Blazing a Trail

Grayson Blalock, Assistant Editor

November 2, 2017

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Mya Michaelson will be Erie High School’s first ever Division 1 volleyball player when she takes the court for the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) next fall.

Alumni Corner

Alumni Corner

November 1, 2017

Best Parade Yet?

Hannah Goldman, Staff Writer

October 31, 2017

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Homecoming weekend is always one of the most dazzling weekends, with the game, dance, and parade. I have attended to the spirited homecoming parade every year since second grade. Over the years, seeing the evolution of the para...

Erie’s Own Lifts Her Way To Top

Hannah Goldman and Madison Hays

October 27, 2017

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Izzy Hageman is a champion weightlifter, cheerleader, and student with a dream of becoming a junior olympian. At her most recent competition, Hageman got second place, with a total of 142 kg (313.056 lbs). This season, Hageman...

The Idols of Erie

Josie Brewer, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

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  Erie idol was a huge success; all contestants tried their very best, and the show went smoothly. The ten contestants, who audtioned for their spot, were; Kelsey McKercher,Olivia Sepin, William Rathe, Alia Brand,...

Fracking: Does it Frack with the System?

Celina Laslow and Isabelle Spetalieri

October 27, 2017

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20 years ago Erie, Colorado was a farming town; now it is a battleground for fracking. As activists and opposers fight over fracking ethics in Erie, the town is split. In an interview with Tina Harris, the mayor of Erie, she...

A New Schedule for a New Year

Grayson Blalock, Assistant Editor

October 27, 2017

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As many of you know, we have a different schedule this year than last year. Major changes to this year’s schedule include Advisory instead of SSR, and only on Thursday and Friday instead of every day. The school day remains...

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