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Brandon Bird: Emerging With a Purpose From the Waves of Chaos

Kailey Pickering, Editor-in-Chief

May 19, 2019

The sun shone brightly on a summer day in Northern Colorado Springs. On one of the emerald green lawns sits a boy dunking action figures into a bucket. “He completes the dive with a smooth turn! A dive like that has to reward...

Erie sends Girls Golfers to State

Grayson Blalock, Sports Editor

May 21, 2018

For the first time ever, Erie will be sending girls golfers to the state tournament on Monday, May 21. On Wednesday, May 9, Maddie Cantwell and Mara Wissman both qualified for the state tournament at regional play. Cantwell sho...

Erie Soccer knocks off Northridge

Grayson Blalock, Sports Editor

April 28, 2018

ERIE- The Erie Tigers girls soccer team knocked off the Northridge Grizzlies 4-2 on Friday night. The first half didn’t see a single goal scored. While both teams managed a few shots on goal, nothing came of it. The Erie defense...

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