The Truth Behind the Filter

A poem and cartoon that shares the thoughts behind what social media does to our generation.

Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief




I look at myself in the mirror and ask why isn’t my skin isn’t clearer,

touching my imperfections like it’s a problem I’m not perfect.

I do have one objection, why do I have this misconception or wait more like an obsession with what others think of me.

The approval of others shouldn’t matter,

yet here I am with a reflection thinking about the rejection of others.

It’s all so simple: all because of a pimple oh wait and the way I talk and walk and –

I mean it would it’d be so much easier if there was a handbook to make every nook and cranny of my outside layer absolutely flawless

no pimples, imperfections, or misconceptions.

That way I would be as light as a feather and look like a model.

I only want the following or wait-

I also need comments and likes all of which have to be nice otherwise I’m not well-liked.

Consumed by a refresh button hoping to see someone say, “I look stunning.”

I mean it’s so important to look alive because then at least others would accept me even if it’s only on the IG,

but before I’m able to post I ought to suck in and act like I’m lovin’ every aspect of life.

Packing away the flaws and brokenness that consume me in a suitcase, making my IG only show a small portion of me.

Life is made out to be all sunshine and rainbows even though I’m really trapped alone behind a screen.

Generosity and empathy are what’s really needed,

to use creativity for something other than perfect poses and editing techniques.

Instead of waiting for others to like me or at least that picture of me posing,

I need to wake up from this fantasy where others or the IG defines me.

To let go of my self-imposed perfectionism standards and fear of failure

all because I know later in life I don’t want to realize I was so compelled to fit into this bottle of trends just to find out it was pretend

all because I depend on not being de-friended.

I missed the part where I felt comfortable with who I am.

Who cares what others think – oh wait I do- it’s just society -the way it is made out to be-

I mean you always use those caption saying, “always smiling” or that “the sun is always shinning” but life has thunderstorms that leave you crying…

but you still keep on lying that you’re always flying just to get yourself out of bed.

There needs to be some sort of disconnection from these so-called friends

that gives me a positive self-perception that will push me towards my biggest dreams

rather than a comment that says, “you’re ugly”.