New Administration

Alex Van Brocklin, Senior Staff Writer

With Doug Kudrna retiring last year, the administration had to fill a hole left by an assistant principal that had served for many years.  That’s when Kimberly Stalcup and Liz Russell were introduced to be one of the new administrators.  With Russell being a local to this school, it was Stalcup who not only has to adjust to a new state, but a new school as well.

 Stalcup who began looking for a new opportunity, found one in Erie, “I wanted to raise my children and I started looking in Colorado, because my family has visited it for 5 years.  We fell in love the area, and we wanted to find schools that are the best and could offer the most comprehensive and challenging education to them.”

Stalcup was an assistant principal in Naples, Florida at Palmetto Ridge High School.  Born in Florida, she is new to Erie High School and Erie all together, but so far this has been a great move for her, “I enjoy the change of Erie, it’s definitely a sense of community.  Even though the school that I came from was very large, I still feel that there are a lot of similarities”

Her college rèsume was quite impressive as well, as she went to school at the University of Florida for her undergraduate degree, and a bachelor in Arts and History, along with a specialization in secondary education.  After that she went to receive her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the American College of Education in 2011.  In addition to this, she went back to the University of Florida and is just finishing up her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, where Stalcup will graduate in December.  

Some people may not quite understand the role of an assistant principal because a lot of their work is done behind the scenes, “One of my specific roles is to be an instructional leader, and that means supporting teachers, supporting students, and making sure that our curriculum is not only rigorous, but that it can also set students up for success beyond high school.  That is what I believe is my most important job; to make sure that students are receiving the opportunities to make them competitive in the world”   

With enthusiasm, Stalcup seems to be settling in quite well so far, “I love my job at Erie High School.  I love interacting with the students, I think that is the best part, being in classrooms,and being a part of the learning process.  But even some of the greatest things I can see are some of the students giving back to the school and to the community.”

Stalcup, who lives right in Erie, continues to show enthusiasm about her work, and is excited to be involved. , “I am able to talk to students right in the community,


but also to participate in the activities we have here.  I get a real rush seeing them succeed, whether it be on the football field or in choir.  It does not matter what it is, but to see the students really enjoy the high school experience is my favorite part.” 

Promise can be shown based on this brief test period we have seen.  New opportunities can arise for all of us.  As we settle into this school year, we can welcome Stalcup to our school, and see what she has to offer everyone.