A Different Kind Of End For A Different Kind Of Year

Jozlyn Jorgenson, Assistant Editor

Erie High School has been through some major changes this year, going from hybrid to online. These changes have affected one thing common to all students here: finals.

Typically finals are considered a stressful time for students, with all the tests lined up, one after another. This year, however, not all departments are doing tests. 

In the math and science departments, the finals were not significantly different from years past . Overall, they kept a multiple-choice based test style, with some having free-response questions as well. However, unlike last year, some of them did not cover the same amount of material, because of the pandemic changing lesson plans.

The literary department turned to project-based finals. Though these projects differed from teacher to teacher, they were intended to have the students use what they learned this semester. Having a project-based final allowed for students to take their time, and not stress over having to get something done in 90 min.

The social studies department took a similar approach to the math department, with multiple choice and a short response. This allowed for students who excel at different types of tests to still be able to demonstrate what all they have learned this semester.

The performance department also did project-based finals. They hoped that students would be able to demonstrate the new skills they have learned in a less stressful environment, while also allowing them to enjoy themselves a bit.

The faculty at Erie High have done what they can to help students not be stressed out during an already stressful time. These finals have been different compared to previous years, and they varied in style from class to class. But, as expressed by Matt Buchler, Erie High’s Principal, “Our Erie High School kids [are] the best kids in America.”  And despite all the setbacks, Erie High Students can still succeed.