Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys


Brendan Murphy, Senior Staff Writer

As we approach the holiday season, getting gifts for loved ones is on the minds of many people. However, a lot of people struggle with what the guys in their life might want. Some are not as transparent on what might be a good thing to get for a gift, so it can absolutely be difficult. 

One super easy idea you can always turn to and rely on is clothes. Clothes seem boring and like nobody would like them but at the end of the day, everybody needs to wear clothes. You can never go wrong with a cool shirt or a new pair of sweatpants. Depending on who the gift is for, you can tailor what to get them based on what kind of clothing they wear a lot and seem to enjoy. Even socks can be a good gift for the holiday season. Some good go-to brands include Nike, Vineyard Vines, or Adidas.

Another great idea is to just find one interest of the person you are getting a gift for and focus on that. Everybody has an interest and which could be a sport, video game, reading, hiking, or anything they spend their time doing. You have to know the person well enough to know their interests to get them this gift, but if you can get them something they can use while doing what they love, the gift will be a big success. For example, if they like to be outdoors,  you could get something like a hiking bag or some shoes. If they are more of a homebody, you could go with a comfy sweatshirt or a movie they might like.

Senior Reagan Fischer said how she shops for gifts, “If you can find a gift for something that you and the person are able to do together, then that is a great gift.” This can be all kinds of things. While there are so many options for what there is to give, the fact that you are thinking of getting somebody a gift is a gesture that will not be soon forgotten. If you are stressed out about getting a guy a gift this season, do not be, you could miss the mark on what they want entirely. No matter what, most guys would still be happy to have gotten something.