Personal Hobbies and Erie High School Clubs

Tillie Mendoza, Staff Writer

Despite extracurriculars being limited due to the virus, students at Erie High School (EHS) are finding ways to spend their free time through personal hobbies, clubs, and sports.

Freshman student Lauren Reichel believes participating in something outside of school comes with mentally positive benefits. Every week, she tries to devote one or two hours to non-academic activities she enjoys, saying, “I like cooking, basketball, sewing, and drawing.” Reichel claims the amount of time she is able to spend on them depends on how much schoolwork she has. “I usually focus on homework, so I only do [my hobbies] if I don’t have a lot to do.”

Mia Martinez, another freshman at EHS, plays basketball both through the school and on a separate competitive team. She has been doing it consistently for a total of seven years, and also believes all teenagers should have something to do that peaks their interest, “[Playing a sport or joining a club] keeps [teenagers] out of trouble and keeps their lives exciting.” In addition to basketball, Martinez says she would also like to try playing tennis in the future.

Some clubs, including Teens with Wings and Green Team are recruiting members year-round through social media platforms. They are also finding ways to meet virtually and continue to do the amazing things they do for Erie High School. Visit @erieteenswithwings on Instagram if you are interested in spreading some extra positivity in these difficult times, or @eriehsgreenteam to contribute to the school’s environmental services.

Even at home or in the midst of hybrid learning, there are many ways students can keep themselves busy at home, including simple online projects or activities including their longer-term hobbies. EHS also offers multiple opportunities to give extra attention to a diverse range of skills, from a wide variety of athletic teams to art and intellectually oriented clubs. Most registrations or tryouts have already passed this year, but it is never too late to decide on something to sign up for in 2021.

From @erieteenswithwings on Instagram