Erie Soccer Players Put a Paw Print on Little Tigers Hearts

Madison Hays, Editor-in-Chief

Erie High School girls and boys soccer kick into gear and give back to the community on Saturday, September 26th by volunteering their time to help young soccer players with clinics throughout Erie.  

“Those kids light up my face. I love being a positive influence within their soccer, and being someone they look up to,” sophomore Abby Hounder.

Throughout the day from 9 AM to 5:45 PM, there were a total of five age groups from U8 to U12, with seven sessions. For every session, Tiger players wore their Erie gear, brought high energy, and coached clinics that consisted of three drills. This consisted of a math game, soccer bowling, and a small 1v1 drill.

Hounder continued, “I think my favorite part was breaking out with a small chant. This was an opportunity for the little and big tigers to come together as one.”

There were other games, personal touches and challenges added depending on which group of kids and who was coaching. 

Junior, Xander Fernandez commented, “I had a group of five kids, so I had to spice up my drills by adding components like star jumps and trying to hit us “coaches” with the ball while running in circles.”

Not only did the kids enjoy learning a little soccer from high schoolers, but the volunteers were also able to learn a new perspective from the kids.

“It turned out to be a way to see the other side of the picture instead of just being the player.” Grady Wolver, senior, continued, “The kids gave the older players challenges that we don’t usually face as players but had to approach as a coach.”

The parents of these little tigers were watching from the sides with a small glow of happiness while watching their kid(s) interact with the high schoolers. 

“I have hopes that the soccer community in Erie will not only continue to create opportunities of such value but will grow and prosper.” Wolver concluded.

One of the many clinics that were ran throughout the day.