Best Parade Yet?

Hannah Goldman, Staff Writer

Homecoming weekend is always one of the most dazzling weekends, with the game, dance, and parade. I have attended to the spirited homecoming parade every year since second grade. Over the years, seeing the evolution of the parade has been amazing.

The 2017 homecoming parade has been one of the best parades I have attended. Standing in the crowded streets with your friends and family, music blasting from the speakers and munching on delicious ice cream from Sweets, the excitement on the street can’t be beat. The Erie tiger spirit flooding the streets is a great way to kick off the football season. The 30 minute long parade was filled with fun music, colorful floats, and cheek to cheek grins.

If you have a sweet tooth, then each of the football floats are for you. There were multiple floats dedicated to football including elementary, middle, and high school students. Every one of the Erie football floats threw handfuls of candy to everyone.

The enthusiastic announcer deemed the Erie high school volleyball float the best. As each float came sauntered down the street, it was as if each float was better than the last. However, when I laid my eyes on the volleyball float it was spectacular! Between the blast of Erie colors, the face of all the players and coaches, and the many decorations. Every face smiled at me and threw candy to all the younger kids in front. The volleyball float was by far, the most grand of all time floats

From candy in the street, to floats that can’t be beat- the 2017 Homecoming Parade was a success. I can not wait to see what floats are going to be brought to the table next year.