Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

Madison Hays, Assistant Editor

Baking is one of the best Christmas traditions. There is nothing better to make than Christmas cookies, but are you still looking for that go-to cookie recipe? These are five classic and traditional Christmas cookies with tested and approved recipes.

Sugar Cookies: These cookies allow for the most creativity as the possibilities are endless. Cookies can be left as circles with added sprinkles to make them more festive. This type of cookie will be a bit softer. There are also icing or glaze recipes along with different cookie cutters available to create any shape. This includes a variety of Christmas trees, candy canes, snowflakes, and all the holiday staples. 

Here are three recipes to help with sugar cookie success: round cookies, decorative cookies, and glaze. The round cookie recipe does not make five dozen as stated; when baking these cookies there were only about two dozen cookies. 

Ginger Snap Cookies: Ginger Snap Cookies are more of a biscuit with a ginger flavor. However, these cookies are soft! When using this recipe, the dough was really sticky, so bakers may have to add more flour (about ¼ cup). The dough was also hard to roll in balls, so they were mostly blobs dipped in sugar. In the end, these cookies were still delicious.

Peanut Butter Blossoms: These cookies give the perfect mix between peanut butter and chocolate. The recipe may have some confusion; after rolling the balls, place them in the additional sugar. Not all the sugar will be used depending on the size of the dough balls. Be sure to place the kisses on right after they come out of the oven since this acts as a glue for the kiss and cookie to stick. When testing out the recipe, the cookies did not go to the freezer and the kisses didn’t melt.

Fudge Crinkle Cookies: Fudge Crinkle Cookies are a little less common, but still a fan favorite! These cookies has the taste of rich chocolate and a little bit of a crunch. These cookies are first gone at any holiday event. There are many versions of crinkle cookies, however, this recipe is the go-to for my household. These cookies also take a very long time to make, so patience is key!

Gingerbread Cookies: Gingerbread men are not only tasty but an appealing cookie for any crowd of people. These cookies are also fun to decorate with sprinkles and icing. The Gingerbread Man recipe, is a tasty combination with this sugar cookie icing recipe.

These cookie recipes are classics that everyone will love! Traditional cookies are a great and easy way to be festive this holiday season!