Taco Bell Comes to Erie


William J. Rathe, Fact Checker/Senior Staff Writer

    The Vista Ridge area has had a large influx of developments along CO Highway 7, the most recent of which to open was Taco Bell. Construction began a few months ago, the news of which was met with great reactions from EHS students. Taco bell, as EHS senior Beau Miley said, “…is just good food for very cheap.”

    Many students are happy with the arrival of Taco Bell, praising their good food and expeditious service. “It’s just as far as King Soopers, but gives more food for cheaper. Besides, those little churro things are lit,” says EHS senior Liam Floyd. 

    Most students find it a perfect place to go during their lunch period, and it gives a bit more variety to the off campus cuisine of Erie High School. Now upperclassmen can choose between King Soopers, Burger King, Sonic, McDonald’s, Panda Express, Taco Bell, Jimmy John’s, 7-11, Stop ‘n’ Save, and Kum and Go. 

    Some students are happy to see more restaurants coming into Erie. EHS graduate Nick Cuccaro (Class of 2019) recalled the narrow selection when he was in school, saying “I mean, there was really only Kings [Soopers] and McDonald’s. Now the Erie kids have just about everything.”

    Taco Bell isn’t just bringing Doritos® Locos Tacos, it’s also bringing employment opportunities to some students. As of today, the Erie Taco Bell location is still hiring, the starting wage rumoured to be $12/hr, but the Tiger Times could not confirm this figure. EHS junior Macie Toothaker says “It would be pretty cool to work there. Money and tacos, sounds like a good time.”

    The new Taco Bell is bringing fast, cheap, and convenient food to students and residents, in addition to providing employment opportunities. Sounds to most EHS students like a win-win.