Erie Angels: Who Are They?

Nevaeh Stanesa, Copy Editor/ Senior Staff Writer

Continuing a dream and legacy of retired Erie teacher Carrie Mitchell, the Erie Angels are a group of dedicated and hard working staff members that work to create a better community within Erie High School. 


Erie has staff that come from all different walks of life, who have found a way to come together and improve not only our school, but our community. Amber Cowley discusses how their main goal right now is “honestly trying to just help those students and staff and community members that are struggling.” 


This struggle could vary from physical, emotional, or even financial need, and Erie Angels are at the ready to help and aid these members of the Erie community. No matter what the issue might be, these staff members have access to the resources that can help struggling individuals. 


Erie Angels do many things that certain students might see throughout the year. These might include “Tough Cookies” for example. These cookies are given to injured or students who are going through something in order to help give them a little light on their journey to recovery.


Cowley continues to elaborate on the many other things that Erie Angels have done this year. These staff members have recently been making a big push for kindness within our school which is something that any student or teacher might notice. Cowley states that this movement is about “why to be kind and how to be kind,” something that some people can agree is needed in order to make our school and theoretically our world a better place. 


For the Thanksgiving season, Erie Angels put on a Raffle for Two Thanksgiving dinners. Anyone who wanted to could purchase a raffle ticket for five dollars each, then before break these dinner were raffled off to two ticket winners who could do what they want with the dinner. This entire project is just one example of the projects that this group does. 


One thing that the majority of students might not know is that Erie Angels gives away scholarships at the end of the year. They give away athletic scholarships as well as The Carrie Mitchell scholarship which is a larger sum of money. They also give away several other scholarships that range from $100 to $500. These scholarships are primarily awarded to students who have bettered the lives of others and truly put themselves into the community and helped out. 


“This is something that is a significant thing that we can help out with,” remarks Cowley. 


Erie Angels are one of the largest backbones of our community that whether you see them or not, are there. These staff members are people who care for Erie residents and want to help out. We are so thankful to have these people in our building. If you ever need a helping hand reach out to Erie Angels and see what they can change for you!