Who’s Working to Run StuGo?


Grayson Blalock

Izzy Hageman and Jack Laychak pose for a picture before the annual StuGo assembly.

Gavin Hogan, Staff Writer

Student Government (StuGo) at Erie High School is a class that plans dances, sporting events, spirit weeks and more, but who is working behind the scenes to do all of this?


Izzy Hageman, a Student Government member, decided to run for vice president for the 2019-2020 school year. Last year, Hageman was secretary of the sophomore class here at Erie High School and she really enjoyed having a role at our school, giving her the idea to take more responsibility and run for vice president. By being on, StuGo one of Hageman’s goals is to help make our school a more inviting place so people can get involved in our school and community. “[Student Government] just gives you more of a say in what’s going on,” Hageman mentioned. 


By being in Student Government, Hageman is able to help people at our school and make a positive difference here. One of the ways StuGo tries to make a difference is by encouraging students to go to as many school events as they can, which will help make our school a more involved learning environment. Izzy’s favorite part of being in StuGo is “when all the things they have been planning and working to put together all falls in place.”


Hageman isn’t just in Student Government though, she’s also on the cheer team, as well as FCA, track, dive, and cross country. 


Jack Laychak is the Student Body President at Erie High School. Laychak joined Student Government because he loves being a part of our school, and commented that “I feel like I’m someone people can come to. And so I really like to speak for them.”


As Student Body President, Laychak is involved in the service committee, which is an outreach to the community and small businesses. He oversees a lot of different committees in our school and describes his role in StuGo saying that he “kind of kicks things off at the beginning of the class, just tell everybody where they need to go, what needs to be worked on with the help of Mrs. Rusk.”


One of the things Laychak enjoys about Student Government is the people because they are fun to work alongside. Laychak remarks that “I really like the people, I think we have a really strong Student Government this year.” 


Outside of school Laychak works hard on other projects and with other groups. He is very involved in the drama department, this year Laychak has a lead role in the school play and over the past few years he has had supporting roles in school plays. Laychak is on the Junior Ski Patrol as well and the Treasurer of that organization. While being in StuGo, drama, and junior ski patrol Laychak is also a part of NHS.