EHS Takes a Shot at TopGolf

EHS students’ insight on the new and popular TopGolf!

Ella Mullins, Staff Writer

As students of Erie High School swing into the weekend, ready for new adventures and fun activities, TopGolf waits to be filled. How are students enjoying the brand new TopGolf off I-25?

Erie High School students participated in a random TopGolf poll. Out of the 200 Erie High School students that took the poll, 94 percent have been to TopGolf and six percent work at TopGolf. When asked if they enjoyed the experience at TopGolf, 80 percent who attended said yes. But why?

Charlie Fernandez is a student who frequently visits TopGolf: “It’s a brand new place to be and experience, just that alone makes me and my friends want to visit it.” Other students commented on their experiences as well.

“Makes me feel like Tiger Woods, so the impact is great,” states junior Elyjah Watts, who played a variety of games.

The most popular game is called TopGolf. It tracks the flight of the ball through a microchip. The better the aim and speed , the higher the score for the player. Other games include Top Scramble, where teams compete for the highest team score and Quick 9, a quick aim game at three different targets. With the games, also comes the large architecture of TopGolfs location.

Grady Dunn remarked on the architecture, “it is an eyesore” because of its massive nets that scale 175 feet protecting the pavilion and roadways around.

Although some have yet to fall in love with the golfing and snacks. People who didn’t enjoy TopGolf say it is because they work there, so they haven’t truly enjoyed the experience for themselves. Others simply have not had time or cannot afford the bays which cost 26 to 50 dollars per hour.

The bay is a party golfing atmosphere with food and drinks to share. The menu at TopGolf is highlighted by two pages of appetizers, chicken-and-waffles sliders, three meat burgers, and injectable donut holes. Nevertheless you don’t need to play to enjoy the food. Along with high-end food you have unlimited golf balls for anywhere ranging between 30 minutes and two hours, with up to six friends to enjoy the space, along with many other accommodations.

Speaking about the bay, former EHS student Spencer Brooks says it is “fun to hit [golf] balls.”

Despite some people’s negative opinions, TopGolf seems to be acing it. Students, if you have yet to go, set the date, let’s get golfing!