A Homecoming We’ll Never Forget

Erie High School roared with spirit during the 2017 Homecoming week.


Madeline Dickson

Erie students celebrate the eventful Homecoming football game.

Kailey Pickering, Senior Staff Writer

The crowd roars with excitement as Erie scores the first touchdown of the most anticipated football game of the year. Baby powder explodes in the student section as cheerleaders begin an Erie cheer, raising the level of excitement. White powder is the only thing anyone can see for the next few moments as euphoria floods through the enthusiastic crowd. This one of a kind excitement is the experience of Erie High School Homecoming. As Alex Mathis says “The big crowd, the big game, it should be exciting!

The week kicked off with a bang at the new annual homecoming block party. On Monday night, high schoolers were roaming downtown Erie where each sports team had their own booth set up with fun games. People lined up to arm wrestle football players while karaoke blared from the choir booth. Cross country offered face paintings and snow cones as people lined up to throw darts at the Volleyball booth. Soccer players had a fuse ball like game set up when Tennis offered a chance to play ping pong against a Tennis player. A buffet was also provided. Mr. Bird interviewed sports teams and had games setup for each team like a scavenger hunt for cross country runners and a finish the lyrics game for the tennis team. The mixed choir CR5, as well as Erie Idol contestants performed as the party went on. The whole night was full of excitements and surprises.

The Homecoming spirit thrived during the week as students dressed up for spirit week. Excited freshman Cece Zak gushed, “I’ve heard that it’s a really cool experience and it will really get me into the high school spirit.”

On Monday, we showed our patriotism as the school dressed in red, white and blue and american flag shirts and pants. On Tuesday, we went back to our childhood as we dressed up for disney day, many people sported beloved mickey ears from visits to the magical kingdom. We saw double on Wednesday as friends dressed up similarly for twin day. On Thursday, people dressed up in jerseys and athletic shoes or in glasses and suspenders showing their side for Athlete vs. Mathlete day. Finally on Friday the Erie Tigers blazed in Erie colors according to their class.

As the week overflowed with spirit, the homecoming excitement grew each day. On Friday afternoon at 1:50 PM the pep rally kicked off. With an explosion of cheering students watched cheerleaders and Poms pull some crazy moves as they danced to popular songs. Following the dance routine was the annual dodge ball game. This years dodgeball game had to be one of the most exciting in past years. By the end of the game the orange team had won! The school erupted in cheers in reaction to the unexpected win.

But the festivities were only just beginning as students prepared for the Homecoming football game that night. Students, parents and Erie alumni overflowed in the bleachers decked out in white Erie spirit wear, painted faces and temporarily orange hair. The stands shone with Erie spirit as the entire Erie High School choir sang our nation’s National Anthem. The crowd exploded as singers finished the song and the Homecoming sensation flooded through our bodies, spreading from our head to our toes, making our hearts swell with Erie Tiger pride. The feeling amplified as the Tigers scored the first touchdown of the game. The exhilaration and enthusiasm pulsed throughout the stands. Baby powder and cheer leader’s Erie shirts filled the air with every victory.

At half time, the dance and cheer team showed off their skill with a talented choreographed dance. The marching bands’ beautiful music filled the crowd and brought smiles to our faces. After the band Homecoming royalty walked down the field, each with an introduction. The crowd waited in anticipation as the senior King and Queen were announced. The bleachers erupted with cheers as Cameron Marcucci and Madison Veve were crowned 2017 Homecoming King and Queen. After the excitement of halftime, the exhilarating football game resumed. Erie creamed Northridge ending with a drastic score of 47-23. Every Erie Tiger went home that night with pride burning in their hearts.

The next day girls painted their nails and made their hair into elaborate hairstyles as boys picked out their ties and dress shirts. The excitement grew as the awaited dance creeped closer and closer. We met with our friends to take pictures and share laughs over dinner. Eight o’clock finally came and lines of students in glittering dresses and ironed dress shirts trailed out of the Erie High School doors as Mr. Fox snapped pictures of each group. After getting in and taking in the colorful streamers and flags student government has set up, students kicked off their shoes and started dancing. The night went on filled with music, dancing and laughter. As songs blared we took in the elation of homecoming, of dancing and celebrating with everyone in the school. Eleven O’ clock seemed to come too soon as the last song played and students got in line to retrieve their belongings. The exciting week had sadly came to an end but we will never forget the electrifying memories we created during Homecoming week of 2017.