Costumes To Die For

This year's Halloween costumes are guaranteed to be a howl

Josie Brewer, and Delaney Spielman

Wonder Woman vs Spiderman

This Halloween, we are bound to see a wide range of costumes from bone chilling to sickly sweet, between bold and blood-curdling, endearing and sophisticated, from new trends to old standards, there is something out there for everyone.

Just about anything can influence the costumes we see on October 31st, Movies happen to be one of the bigger impacts. In 2017 alone, there has been a multitude of blockbuster hits and just recently the horror movie “It” released, and it was a ‘huge success’. The main antagonist, dubbed as ‘Pennywise’, is sure to be a popular choice of costume for those who love a good scare. A large amount of stores are already beginning to sell the creepy clown ensemble, and in due time we will see just who picks this costume. Another popular movie that came out just this year was Wonder Woman, the highest grossing movie of the summer. It is also predicted to be worn by a plethora of kids and adults alike.

Aside from movies, there are many outlets to choose from; tv shows, books, household objects, celebrities and of course we have the basic costumes we see every year. Last year, the most popular adult costume was a witch and for kids it was a princess. In addition, we see animals, pirates, vampires, and superheroes. These more common costumes are easy and quick, but just as fun. There are many alternatives to going to the store and buying a costume, actually you can find pieces right in your closet.

Easy, fun costumes to wear this year

Of course, not all costumes have to be flashy or time consuming, there are many DIY costumes that are easy, impressive, and most important-minimal effort!

Imagine waking up like you do everyday only to discover Halloween has arrived. Never fear, there are tons of classics that require little more than one prop and a colored T-shirt.

Animals. Cats, bunnies, and mice are always a great costume. Simply choose a black, grey, or brown shirt corresponding with your chosen animal. To make ears simply cut out and color paper triangles and tape them to a headband. Use makeup to draw whiskers and a nose. Tails can be procured from more colored paper or old fabric. Tailor to perfection and enjoy your fashionable furriness!

Bulletin Board. Simple, but effective. This costume is outfitted with nothing more than a plain, solid colored T-Shirt(ideally brown), markers, and sticky notes. Throughout the day, you can have people draw and leave “reminders” on you.


Queen Bee. Though this might be your natural state, feel free to capitalize on the 31st. Assemble this ensemble with a black and yellow striped shirt. If you don’t own one, use a black or yellow T-shirt and add construction paper stripes. Next, a plastic crown(to show off your fabulousness), and pipe

Angel vs Devil

cleaners for antennas.


Angel vs Devil. Have friends who procrastinate? The more the merrier! In this costume it is preferred but not necessary to have a partner in crime. For the angel, find a white t shirt(perhaps with gold or sparkles) and white leggings/tutu. Add a sparkly halo and accessorize accordingly. For the devil, find a red t shirt and leggings(or tutu). With this add devil ears and a pitchfork for the evil effect. A little makeup to complete the look and you are ready to wreak havoc for the night.

Scarecrow. This outfit allows for a little fall flannel comfort. Choose a long sleeved, preferably red/orange flannel. If you own overall now there’s a chance for them to be stylish! Jeans work too. A straw hat and boots(or moccasins) complete the ensemble. Add a sewn on smile and a button nose and you are all set for a rocking Hallows Eve!