Andrew Schadler: Musical Theatre & Beyond


Mya Jordan, Staff Writer

Erie’s theatre and choir departments have dozens of recognizable faces, and with the 2018-19 school year coming to a wrap, many fans of the school’s musicals are mourning the departure of this year’s beloved senior class. However, it can be forgotten that the class of 2020 also has some great figures who will continue to carry on an incredible show for the next year.

Andrew Schadler, a current junior at Erie High School, is a dedicated choir and theatre student. You may recognize him for his role in the school’s 2019 production of Rock of Ages: The Musical alongside many of his music peers. Still, Schadler possesses many traits and recalls many stories that make him a unique and likeable individual.

Schadler was born in Thornton, Colorado and has moved around the state a total of four times throughout his life. He remembers his childhood as simply decent—nothing too bad, but “could be better,” as he describes it.

“I feel like everyone has a janky childhood, you know?” he says. Schadler also states that his upbringing was shaped by the influence of his grandma, as he’s very close with his extended family. He credits his mother for molding him into the person he is today as well.

“My mom’s an interior designer and she’s very cute, she’s very nice. She’s a Sagittarius, so that all makes sense. . . She’s a strong woman.”

That zodiac reference comes as no surprise to anyone who’s around Schadler often. Born August 14, 2002, he is a proud Leo and overall astrology fan.

“At the end of last summer,” he reminisces, “. . . I remember we had to write a letter to our teachers about who we were, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna write about my astrology signs and what they mean.’” Schadler recognizes that as his introduction to the world of astrology and his birth chart. Since then, it has been an enjoyable topic of conversation for him.

Though he experienced a few disheartening events during his upbringing, Schadler still holds compassion towards the world around him. He also has a strong wish for everybody to do the same.

“I wish people were more understanding of other people,” he expresses. “I also wish that people were more real. . . There’s just a lot of fake, and I just don’t really appreciate that.”

Though Schadler considers his drive to be nearly nonexistent, his talent and hardwork have already paved his way to college. Theatre is his primary passion, and in just a year and a half he will be heading off to New York to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He also wishes to be more of a natural when it comes to humor, but regardless, he is a widely appreciated person within the Erie High School walls.

Andrew Schadler is living proof of how passion and authenticity can take you so much further with your goals and dreams. The 2019-2020 school year could hold more recognition in store for his creativity and talents.