What to do over summer break

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

Summer is upon us and that means for many of us we will have a lot more free time on our hands and need some ideas of how to fill that time.

Here are some ideas of how to fill some of the empty time on your hands. Take up a hobby, they are a great way to fill empty time when you’re not doing anything important. Some common hobbies include painting or other arts. Many hobbies can be monetized and made to make a profit. For example if you take up painting try selling some of your paintings locally.


Another common way to fill time is to start looking for a job over the summer. Getting a job is a numbers game so apply to anywhere you can. A simple start is to get a resume together and send applications to every place you see with a help wanted sign. Decide what hours you’re willing to work and keep your schedule flexible as to become more enticing to potential employers.


The final suggestion is to do what you want. Summer doesn’t last that long so enjoy the time you have to relax and have fun with your friends. Summer is fleeting and for some of you this will be your last summer of high school so enjoy it.


Regardless of what you choose just take the time to enjoy your life and the things around you.