How to stay motivated

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

Staying motivated is a challenge that we all face in our day to day lives. There is no cure all for a lack of motivation, there is only advice and helpful tips to get out the slump.

Motivation is an elusive thing. For some it is easily summonable, and for others it is a hopeful goal that they can’t seem to reach. Despite on which side you fall, motivation is an ever present force. The simplest way to summon motivation is to become interested in the topic you are focusing on. There is an obvious correlation between interest in an topic and the ability to stay motivated on said topic. Another simple way to stay motivated is to connect a topic to your life in an applicable way. If your trying to motivate yourself in math then you could try to apply the math topic to something important in your life.


If you are having issues staying motivated studying, then take short breaks at 30- 35 minute intervals. After those breaks keep all non-required electronics out of your focus. On the chemical side of motivation RedBull is found to help hone focus. A skinner box solution is also useful in certain situations. A skinner box technique is when you reward yourself after accomplishing tasks. So if you spend 1 hour studying reward yourself with a slice of pizza. Once this process has been repeated your brain will be conditioned to work harder to get a reward.