New Sport; Balloonist

Upon hearing about this, you may think, I didn’t know there was a word for a balloon racist. Well you’d be wrong of course, because this is not a prejudice that someone can have; Its is a sport that someone can play.

Balloonist is a sport in which 6 people (3 players on each team), try to keep one balloon off the ground. It may sound familiar to you, this was actually a common game in my childhood, but in this this case a player has to go to college to play in the league. The new sport of Balloonist was created by Kris James of the USA in 2016. Two teams compete to keep a balloon in the air. Now since you know all about the concept, let’s get into how to play.

Balloons much like this are used in the sport of Balloonist, so equipment is super easy to obtain!

All you need to play Balloonist is a balloon, and walls about the size of a living room. After you have acquired all of that, just grab some friends. Teams have to have at least 9 players maximum is 13 players. Six people will play at a time. Teams can trade players, and the coach or referee can decide whether the trade is approved. A opening of the wall 7’6 high 3’0 wide if the balloon goes in the opening it counts 2 points but it has to touch the ground to count. A player can not interfere with the balloon when behind the opening. Out of 3 players there will be a guy that can block the balloon, a player that shoots, and a player that can shoot and block.

Wow! I am sure intrigued by this highly esteemed and professional sport. Again balloonist does not mean a balloon racist. I really used my critical thinking skills with this one.