New Sport; Duocock

I have to be completely honest, this is the best sport that we have heard of so far. Duocock. Who could have thought that such a amazing sport could exist.

Duocock is a new sport created by Sung Yunjae of South Korea in December 2015. Duocock is a two-handed racket sport. It is new concept of sports in which players hit a cock over the net with a pad-type rackets in each hand. (Duocock= duo(double or Pairs) + cock) But what do you need to play this Proclaimed new sport?

Rackets that are used in Duocock are much like the ones used in tennis!

Well you of course need a Duocock racket (1set), cock (shuttlecock or badminton) or sponge cock, net (4 meters in length and 1.5 meters in height) and a ¬†Duocock Court. And how will you play, don’t worry i’m getting into it as fast as i can. Lets rapid fire sentences just so you can digest this information asap: use both hands in rotation. Out on three consecutive strokes with one hand. Serve two times(right & left hand). Court size : 3m * 8m. The doubles should be played in turn. The server can stroke one more time after serving. The serve shall be put into the serve zone. The court that this amazing sport has attached is bonkers. Looks exactly like a tennis court. But remember as competitive as Duocock is, its a team sport. So make sure you have five to seven members make a team.

Again, an amazing sport down and learned. I hope you enjoyed that one as much as I did. It’s fun to learn, exercise and work. Wow!